Please Pray as funding begins for an outreach tour of Italy with Stomptown Revival. Please pray that all funds will come in before March.

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Keep me and Tim Robnet in your prays as I head to Oradea Romania and parts of Hungary to do outreaches in schools, prisons, outreach dinners, and pizza parties!

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Poland Blog From Feb.

Kiev, Ukraine: You have seen it on the news and at times we can all be a little detached from what is going on. But through out my ministry God has put me in places either during or after big news have happened. Haiti after the earthquake, Inda after the tsunami, Uganda after an election, and now Poland with the unrest that Russia is moving into Ukraine. During this trip to Poland we arrived in Chelm, Poland (pronounced Helm like helms deep ( LOTR)). The Pastor asked me and Tim Robnett if we wanted to go with him to visit a patient at the Hospital. I have always had a heart for anyone in the Hospital. After staying in a hospital for a week during cancer, I understand the hardship of a hospital stay. The pastor than explained to us we are visiting a Ukrainian Christian who was hit by a grenade! When we arrived to the hospital (which had a distinct look of a Russian Hospital) we greeting by security and someone asking for help. The pastor took care of both. We were let in and we had three Ukrainian student join us and they brought juices with them. I learned from them that many hospitals around the world meet the basic needs but dont always  supply the patient with enough fluid or other items. But the Polish government was paying the patient whole bill! When we entered the room Vladimir smiled and greeted us! He was wounded badly but still had all his limbs. His leg was in an externalfixsator to place his broken bones back together: I had not seen one since Haiti- the memories flooded back from that time. He than told us his story: Vladimir about 3 years ago was a drug addict who was heading to the grave because of his drug use. Friends of his reached out and shared the Gospel! He radically changed and now serves Jesus! At his church he is a deacon and the members saw the need to share the Gospel in Kiev. They gave out water to protestors – sharing with them the love of Jesus! When the violence started they risk everything to recover the wounded and get them medical help. During one these trips to Kiev: Vlamir was helping injured people: when someone threw a grenade in the crowd. He took the brut force of the blast: which broke his leg and shrapnel pierced his legs, arms and side. He lost so much blood he almost died at the border of Poland and Ukraine.


Vladimir explained that border crossing can take 3 to 4 hours and you can be easily turned away. This time it took thirty minutes! He recieve medical care while they did all the paper work and contacted te hospital where he is now!  A Miracle! He than said: “Wow! it took getting hit by a grenade to have the world visit him: (2 Americans, one Polish pastor and Ukraines from different regions.) He said God has a purpose for this. I responded yes- He does! His story of faith and perseverance. His plan when up and walking again is to share the Gospel in Kiev and through out Ukraine. Please pray for Vladimir ad all of the Ukraine.

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Please Pray for upcoming trips

Machala is a city in south-west Ecuador, capital of the El Oro Province. It is located near the Gulf of Guayaquil. Machala has been referred to as the “Banana Capital of the World” Brenda and I are going to work with J.A. Perez to a cultural exchange Gospel outreach. We will be doing Uganda songs and Brenda will be doing Uganda dance. Also I will be preaching at the kids and teen areas. We are excited to see God move in power! We are going Aug. 22-27th. A good friend of Drenched Ministries and Christian will be there also: Justin Benedict! He went to Jamaica with Christian Holst and Bryce Lee a few years back. He is a man after God’s heart. He is currently ministering in Costa Rica with his family as a full time missionary/ Evangelist!

Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God (1 Peter 3:18).The message of the cross will be taken to Machala! Please keep us in pray as we prepare for this trip. The large amounts of the people in this community are banana plantation workers. The place is called Oro Verde (Gold green) for good reason. As Machala economy is heavily based on the banana. So next time you eat a banana could you pray for us. We need your prayers for open hearts to the Gospel! That God will use J.A. Perez, Justin Benedict, Brenda, the rest of team and me powerfully to impact the community for Christ. Pray that the remaining funds will come. We still need 1300 dollars. Thank you So much for your prayers and support!


In His Grip, Christian


1 John 3:16


Drenched Ministries


9805 31st Place Northeast , Lake Stevens, Washington 98258




Please pray for trips in Ecuador, Kenya, Uganda, Canada, Oregon, Alaska and Washington. Please pray for the funding needed.

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Thailand Nov 2012

  • Recently I just got back from Thailand. Thank you to everyone who prayed and gave to this mission! It meant a ton to me and my team to know people was praying for us daily! I had the amazing opportunity to take the Gospel to 5 different cities throughout Thailand! On the journey with me was one of the best Christian bands: Stomptown Revival. The group is a duo made up of Brandon Bee and Gabe Martinez. Please check them out at or buy there album on I-tunes. Their music and heart of ministry are amazing and worth supporting. They came with hearts of service! I look forward to ministering with them again! This was the third time to Thailand for me and the first for Stomptown.


    We had saw about 20 total people come to Christ! One of the locations in Chiang Mai: We had missionaries from all over get encouraged at the outreach. At the same location I learned that a group of ladies reached out to a group of Prostitutes. They got them new clothes, feed them, and brought them to the show. No one would have known who they were.  At a different location I met a group of Philippine missionaries who were discouraged. After hearing the message and the music they were excited about the months ahead of ministry. You never know who God is going to put in your path to minister to. Even each other: I felt Brandon, Gabe, Jade, John, Manop and other ministered to me and I to them. It made the time feel like an old time revival meeting touring the Globe.  Thanks go out all who prayed, supported: Also Thanks To Manop and the Watchmen team, Save the City, Luis Palau and NGA and the wives of our team, and the Lord for giving us opportunities of ministry and protecting us on the journey. More blogs to come.

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Hello Everyone and Merry Christmas! We are excited to announce that Belize is coming up in Feb. We are doing concert outreaches with Ryan Stevenson and others. Also we are doing village outreaches and orphan ministry. We will be working with and staying at Belize Base Camp. Please check them out at Please pray for the outreaches in Belize.

Belize Basecamp- Where we will be staying and doing some of the ministry in Belize.

If you would like to contribute to the ministry please send it to Drenched Ministries 9805 31st Place Northeast Lake Stevens, WA 98258. We are looking to raise 2000 dollars by Feb 1st. Thank You and God Bless! 1 John 3:16! Blessings, Evangelist Christian Holst

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Drenched Ministries

We exist to saturate this world with truth of the Gospel!

Oregon Event: April 7th  Woodland Park Baptist on 11375 NE Halsey Street Portland Oregon 11am


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